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Super Soft Goat Milk Deep Conditioner

Super Soft Goat Milk Deep Conditioner

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Ok facts, was I skeptical?? Yes but it said free shipping.. so my 10 year old grandson with thick, dry, kinky coily hair. I said let’s try it.. it’s $5 on sale.. too my surprise it left it his hair so moisturizing even after his hair began to dry.. it was still soft.. lesson of the day, a product don’t have to be expensive to do the job.. will purchase again in the near future.

Courtney Jacobs
I use it all! My hair is growing like crazy!

After using the shampoo, leave-in, and oil, I ordered the deep conditioner. They feel like HEAVEN! My hair has grown quite a bit in a month and my edges are back! The conditioners feel insanely good and the scent from the oils is so relaxing. I’ve thrown out every other product in my cabinet. This is all I need and use now and have recommended it to all of my friends. It was recommended to me by a fried whose hair it helped grow back. This line is amazing and the price can’t be beat!

Great Product

Smells amazing! Leaves my hair soft. Please don't change the formula.

Kendra Turner
Maybe not every week

My hair felt very odd after I used this product. Maybe it was the shampoo that rice water one that made it feel weird but it wasn’t at all soft after I deep conditioned and shampoo. I plan to only use these products once a month because of this. Especially since it protein

Rene Graves-Barham
Growing like weeds

I got my braid done not even a month ago and I have so much new growth I need to do my hair again. Truly loving this product praying my hair continues to grow like this.

LaToya Lee

My first purchase was the hair oil, and the hair & beard oil for my son who started balding at age 19. THIS STUFF IS THE TRUTH!! I was so excited to actually SEE hair growth on his head that I reordered both oils AND the goat milk deep conditioner, along with the leave in conditioner. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how allllll of these products feel on my scalp. And they smell SOOO good. I can't wait to post his 90 day before and after pics!!

Storm 044
Lifetime customer

I've been using the shampoo and the leave-in conditioner in the oil regular strength since August 2021 . I just ordered the deep conditioner in December 2021 and I'm loving it my hair was a little past my ear length sorry I didn't take her before picture but now it's way past my shoulders. My hair is natural no chemicals whatsoever so this is what it looks like with me stretching it out by hand I will press it maybe three times a year with a hot comb so the shrink is just real but I can also tell the growth and the healthiness my youngest daughter I just started her on this product and I've been telling lots of family members to try it out.

DeJa Jones
Love it!

I just recently used the super soft goat milk deep conditioner and omg it's amazing!! I used the the Mother Nature's Follicle Strengthening Anti-Hairloss Shampoo rinsed that out then put the deep conditioner in my hair per the instructions with a shower cap and I'm not even going to lie idek how long I left it in because it just had my scalp feeling sooo good and refreshed! Once I washed it out my hair was extremely soft! I then blew it out and styled it!

Victoria Platt
Organic and Natural

I wasn’t thrilled on the scent. But I really appreciated that I was 98% organic. My hair felt extra soft after an hour of doing a deep conditioning treatment. I think the Hair Growth Oil is my favorite out of the collection. But the Rice Water Shampoo is a close second. My hair has thinned overtime, and probably too saturated with too much of one component and not a balance. I’ll be shaving my hair off and starting over again. At no fault to this company. I’ve seen growth with the Hair Growth Oil. I wasn’t a big fan of this deep conditioner and how it felt on my hair. Overall, I think this product did the job. My scalp has been itching more in combination with the hair growth oil, rice water shampoo, leave in conditioner, and goat milk deep conditioner. So, that’s one thing that’s been noticeable to me that’s been a drawback. But I will say the hair growth oil and rice water shampoo are a good combination that I liked using. Thanks for making natural products. I appreciate that.

Thicker than ever

I have fine hair, but it looks thick to most. I’ve used this religiously for the past month, along with the oil, and I must say I see tremendous results. Not only has my hair grown, but it’s also much thicker. The photo is 6 months of growth coming from a completely shaved head.