Why is the color slightly different from the product I just ordered to the one I already have?

We use 100% natural and organic ingredients with no chemicals at ALL. Due to the nature of the ingredients, the consistency and scent may differ slightly from batch to batch.

The hair growth oil has Chebe powder but there is no sand grains in the bottle?

Due to feedback from many customers that the Chebe powder was 'uncomfortable' & 'sandy' we decided to filter the powder from when it is mixed with the other oils. This is the best of both worlds because it keeps the potency, benefits, and nutrients of the powder while removing the grainy sand texture many people feel uncomfortable to leave in their hair.

What if I had an allergic reaction to your product?

We advise you read the ingredients carefully. Some people can have coconut, avocado, etc allergies. We recommend discontinue use immediately in the event that you do have an allergic reaction.

After I place my order, when will my order ship?

We use standard USPS shipping which takes only 2-3 days for delivery. As for when your order will actually ship this can take on average anywhere from 1-5 business days. Our products are 100% made by hand and as a result we don't have the luxury of fast machine capability to instantly ship out our products. Please bear with us!😓

How come the tracking number isn’t working?

If your package just shipped, please allow at least one to two business days for the carrier to update their site with all tracking information.

How do I update/try to make a change to my order?

Please contact us through our contact form.