25 In 1 Chebe + Rice Water Leave-In Growth Conditioner


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25 In 1 Rapid Growth Rice Water Leave-In Conditioner

Julia Grim
Treat your hair!

I’m in my early 30s, Caucasian, not sure exactly what hair type but it’s somewhat wavy/curly when it’s grown out.

I LOVE THIS CONDITIONER. The smell is lovely and seriously moisturizes my hair. My hair is currently less than an inch long, and this conditioner, paired with the growth oil, is helping my hair grow quickly and in a healthy way. I also take a biotin supplement, and I use Jason 2-in-1 Dandruff Relief Treatment Shampoo/Conditioner. I use this conditioner almost every day that I shower, even after days that I’ve applied the oil. I apply it to my hair and let it sit while I do the rest of my shower, then rinse - it gets about five minutes to sit on my hair. Then after I towel-dry my hair, I put a small amount back into my hair, then apply a copious amount of growth oil. I don’t mind having a greasy head, plus I wear beanies most of the time, so it gets that extra heat to soak it in.

I’m excited to see how it works for my hair when it’s grown out. I’m a product junkie, and I collect lots of different things, but this is already a staple for me, and I will probably cut down on my collection because this amazing and does exactly what I need it to do. I wish I’d had this a few years ago when I was growing my hair to chop the bleach out of it!

Crystal Greenberg
It works!!

I have PCOS, my hair was thinning badly. I tried so many other "so called" hair growth shampoo and conditioners that never worked. Some even made my hair thinning worse. I was skeptical to try Hair Growth co, but I'm so happy I finally did! My hair thinning stopped almost immediately. I saw drastic reduction in hair loss by my second use. I'm currently 5 weeks into using hair growth co oil, shampoo and conditioner and I can say that I have new hair growth. Areas my hair was thinning you can see more fuller now. I absolutely love these products! I . recommend them to anyone who suffers from hair thinning/loss these products work! So if you're second guessing trying these products don't second guess any longer go buy them!!

Would recommend this Leave-In!!

I have fine curly 3a/b hair. This Leave-In doesn't weigh my hair down and smells amazing!! I love it and will definitely purchase again.

Kelsie Luck
The Holy Grail fr

So I had got my hair professionally colored to honey blonde last year 2021 and the hairstylist put too much bleach in it and it was nun I can do after that I took care of my hair consistently but it would still end up dry and some days it was brittle :’( so I came across this brand & wow it revive back my curl pattern and softness , my hair was over the shoulder length and I recently did a big chop again and I’m starting over I bought more of the kit ,the mask, and the new jelly so I can’t wait til the results! -K.L pt.1

ATL Queen
Visibility Better Hair

I’ve been using the rice water leave in and growth oil for about a month. My hair is visibly more moisturized and manageable. Even my stylist commented that my hair was in “much better shape” since it is typically dry but not damaged. When she stretched my hair out it did appear longer than I remembered 6 weeks ago. I had it cut to get some shape but will keep better track of growth over time. Great product at awesome prices.


I’ve always stubbles with growing my curls.
After years of heat damage and bad haircuts my self esteem was at an all time low. I saw this product on Instagram and saw the before and after photos and thought why not give it a try. I am AMAZED by the results my hair has grown considerably in the past 4 months!!! I recommend to anyone trying to grow any hair type for any reason

Tammy Bull

This works amazing! I’ve hit a plateau on my natural hair growth so I came across this company and thought why not. I ordered the kit and a big size of hair oil. I started my hair oil journey on February 7th(head held down picture) VS. my new set of braids(March 13)! I am beyond elated to see results and continue using. I am currently about to place another shampoo & conditioner and 8 oz. oil & the new hair growth mask order😇. I already ordered (3)8 oz.oils & so far and two sets of shampoo/conditioner! I am a very happy customer.

Trayveon Pitchford
I love this !

This is a couple days over a month !

Bezu Love
Pops curls

I like how it makes my curl pop. I would recommend to smell the change a bit as its quite strong. Other than that, its a good leav in conditioner.