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Beyond The Hype: The Real Science Behind Hair Growth

This blog post will discuss the real science behind hair growth. Many people are concerned with hair thinning, bald spots, and bad haircuts they desperately need to fix. In hopes of fixing our hair problems we have all tried various hair growth remedies. From hanging upside down, to hair gummies that taste better than store shelf candy, and for some… even onion juice that they saw “might” work thanks to a late-night YouTube video binge. Others even believe that no matter what you do your hair growth is determined by only your genetics and that you are doomed to forever have short hair. 🙄

So, how exactly does hair grow?

Despite whatever your beliefs are, hair growth happens in a very scientific way, commonly known as the hair growth cycle. Understanding the hair growth cycle is the first step towards getting longer. Or finally filling in those balding spots.

To understand the hair growth cycle, we must first understand the structure of our hair. Our hair as a unique biological structure of their own. Each strand of hair is divided into two parts: the hair follicle and the hair shaft.

The hair follicle is the part of the hair that remains in the scalp and holds the upper hair shaft. A hair follicle contains a few more supporting parts:

  1. The bulb: The bulb is located right under the hair strand and contains active cells needed for hair growth.
  2. The papilla: Papilla provides blood supply needed for healthy hair growth.

The hair shaft (upper or visible part of the hair) is made up of keratin protein and has a protective layer called the cuticle.

The hair growth cycle:

There are over 100,000 hair strands in our scalp. Each hair strand follows the hair growth cycle, which involves growing from the root to finally shedding the hair. Technically this process is divided into three phases.

  1. The Anagen phase: 

Anagen is the phase of active hair growth. Cells are produced rapidly in the bulb resulting in the steady growth of hair strand. This phase can last 2-7 years, depending on the length of your hair, your age, and your general health.

  1. The Catagen phase:

In this phase, the hair strand detaches itself from the blood supply and stops growing. This phase lasts only 2-3 weeks. The hair strand in this stage is called club hair.

  1. The Telogen phase:

The club hair rests in the root in this stage while new hair starts to grow under it. This phase lasts for up to 2-3 months. After three months, the club hair falls, and new hair comes out of the hair follicle. (Side note: That is why we particularly tell people to use our growth oil for 3+ months to start noticing peak results.)


The Important Part: So how exactly do we make our hair grow faster?


We know we have said a lot but if you have read this far, we appreciate you taking your time to read this. Thankfully, this part is short.

If you want your hair to grow faster and or regrow bald spots you need a hair stimulant that will do these 3 things.

  1. Stimulate your scalp blood-flow. Increased blood-flow will forcibly make your brain produce more hair growth. Drastically. It is the Catagen Phase that stops our hair from growing. The catagen phase is responsible for detaching the hair follicle from your body’s blood supply eliminating hair growth. Will more blood-flow your hair will have a significantly longer catagen phase than the 2–3-week average phase for most people. This will result in a much longer hair growth phase. Allowing your hair to grow much longer.
  2. Nourish your existing hair follicles with nutrients.
  3. And lastly, you are the hair growth product must contain anti-inflammatory oils such as lavender or tea tree oil. Anti-inflammatory oils are crucial to keeping your hair from falling out due to their ability to their ability to keep hair follicles from becoming inflamed or irritated. Irritated or inflamed hair follicles will result in premature hair loss.

If you found this article helpful, please consider checking out our growth oil. We specifically engineered it to contain ingredients that meet the three criteria above! 


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I have only been using your oil for about 3 weeks and I see a difference in the thickness of my hair and my edges and bald spot are filling in.


I started with the mask and leave in conditioner and noticed new hair growth faster than other more expensive products. So I ordered again and added the oil and the pink jelly. Wow I have baby hair growing faster and the pink jelly is the icing for my curls!. Love it. Im loving my hair again. I’m about to reorder again and adding the goat mask and chebe shampoo. I’m totally addicted to your product line. Your prices are unbeatable too!

Annette A Rosales

And another thing about I got the perm in December I noticed my sizes was thinning then after a month in a half I got a rinse in my hair 2 weeks later I saw a patch out my hair has broken off I show it to her she said it was stress but be the color when I was it like in mid January my hair was coming out Hagen perm it since December trying to natural I have to much new growth in the back but still got perm on my end ik it’s gone take a few months just don’t like the back of my hair I hope it grow back using your products

Debra Simmons

This is my first time trying you’re hair growth oil. I’m looking forward to see how my hair growth is in 3month.I look at the other woman that used you’re hair growth oil I am happy to try it my self. Thank you Linda McClelland.

Linda McClelland

Just ordered 3 days ago. Cannot wait for it to arrive. Going through menopause.. hair thinning.. so impressed with the reviews. I appreciate you!

Ann Marie Barboza

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