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5 Protective Styles for Natural Hair

Natural hair isn’t too much work if you equip yourself with the knowledge you need to take care of it. Your hair is a part of you, and like other parts of your body, knowing how to care for it goes a long way toward long-term growth goals. The constant manipulation of your strands can cause so much tension. Sometimes, a little rest is good and allows for good blood flow and sustained growth!

Here are five hairstyles that can let your scalp rest from daily manipulation:

  1. Wigs - hear us out, edge warriors! A neat braid-down can let you throw on and throw off a wig at your convenience. It also enables you to try other styles instead of resorting to damaging your hair. And, for those who fear their edges, get this: headband wigs—total Game Changers.
  2. Drawstring Ponytails are quick and easy hairstyles that let you do something elegant without too much effort. While sleek ponytails require a lot of brushing and gel, we recommend braiding down your hair into a cute design so that it is both gathered together and less likely to need another battle of sleeking it down the following day!
  3. Two-strand Twists - we love these! Twists are a great way of simply letting your hair be without adding too much tension. It’s also an excellent method of detangling and ensuring your hair is moisturized! Also, have you ever heard that older twists look fantastic? Throw in a kinky curly drawstring ponytail, and you’ve got a cute little situation going on!
  4. Crochet Hairstyles - crochet braids, twists, faux locs, etc. You can’t go wrong with crochet! It’s a great way of getting versatility without manipulating your hair too much. Just be sure to hydrate your scalp correctly.
  5. Flat Twists - Flat twists are a little less demanding on our roots than braids and look beautiful. They provide easy access to nozzle tips, so keeping your scalp hydrated and oiled is easy to do!
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Similar to someone’s comments I experienced significant hair loss during a period of stress over my husband’s passing in 2021 and I began using your oil growth treatment in 2022. It helped with growth especially in the front edges that were almost bare in some places. But I had to stop using the oil because I began having what I believe is an allergic reaction with scabed sores on the areas of my scalp where I had put the oil. This is the reason I stopped.

Veronica C Miller

I’ve been using this product for almost 3yrs and I have tremendous growth my dreads were behind my ears and now they’re in the middle of my back…this hair growth oil is awesome…I used the hair elixir and the scalp stimulator as well. But 95% of the time was the oil..


I was introduced to this product by a coworker who tried and she loved it. Her hair doubled in size in a matter of 1-2 months. I purchased it a week later and just received it yesterday. I’m excited to try it and to see the results. I am going to document my journey. Will definitely provide an update on my process.


It’s been 45 days since I received my 1st shipment. I’ve followed the directions to the letter on all the products. My observations are: I love the 10-1 Growth Oil. It absorbs in the scalp without leaving leaving an oily feel. Leave-in-Conditioner is my every other day “go to” for moisturizing and conditioning. Not a fan of the M.N.S Coffee Shampoo. I have to use quite a bit to get a good lather going. (not a fan of the scent).
Follicle Strengthening Shampoo I prefer because it lathers well and due to the fact I use no other products on hair other than Hair Growth Co products, there is no build up that require I shampoo more than one good time.
M.N.Extreme Hair Growth Mask, I like the feel on my hair and I use as directed but 3x a week. Goat Milk Deep Conditioner I use weekly. I wear plastic cap for an hour before I rinse it out. The silky feel afterwards is so wonderful. On the days I don’t use the leave in Conditioner I supplement with the 10-in-1 Haiir Growth Oil.
I dont use heat, color, nor blow dryers on my hair. Once throughly dry. I part my hair and make large plants.
Observation: Hairline that was very thin, is slowly filling in. Spots on frontal hairline are starting to grow. As I previously said…slow but some progress is better than none and I am a patient mature woman.
Much less shedding (by abt 60%) from when I started this process 45 days ago.
Being labeling growing up as the child who’s hair was left to tackle last out of my 3 other siblings because I was branded “my hair was so bad each mail man had his own route” or " my hair represented tribal roots". I think I have finally found a natural product that has softened my hair.
My plan is to keep my regiment consistent and send pictures at the 6 month mark, 9 month and 1 year.
I do have one question: I am in my 70’s
with mixed gray hair, are all the products safe for the fragile state that gray hair tend to be in?

L. Strickland

Been using hair product since last month have baldness seen some baby hairs


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