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5 Protective Styles for Natural Hair

Natural hair isn’t too much work if you equip yourself with the knowledge you need to take care of it. Your hair is a part of you, and like other parts of your body, knowing how to care for it goes a long way toward long-term growth goals. The constant manipulation of your strands can cause so much tension. Sometimes, a little rest is good and allows for good blood flow and sustained growth!

Here are five hairstyles that can let your scalp rest from daily manipulation:

  1. Wigs - hear us out, edge warriors! A neat braid-down can let you throw on and throw off a wig at your convenience. It also enables you to try other styles instead of resorting to damaging your hair. And, for those who fear their edges, get this: headband wigs—total Game Changers.
  2. Drawstring Ponytails are quick and easy hairstyles that let you do something elegant without too much effort. While sleek ponytails require a lot of brushing and gel, we recommend braiding down your hair into a cute design so that it is both gathered together and less likely to need another battle of sleeking it down the following day!
  3. Two-strand Twists - we love these! Twists are a great way of simply letting your hair be without adding too much tension. It’s also an excellent method of detangling and ensuring your hair is moisturized! Also, have you ever heard that older twists look fantastic? Throw in a kinky curly drawstring ponytail, and you’ve got a cute little situation going on!
  4. Crochet Hairstyles - crochet braids, twists, faux locs, etc. You can’t go wrong with crochet! It’s a great way of getting versatility without manipulating your hair too much. Just be sure to hydrate your scalp correctly.
  5. Flat Twists - Flat twists are a little less demanding on our roots than braids and look beautiful. They provide easy access to nozzle tips, so keeping your scalp hydrated and oiled is easy to do!
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I been researching this company for days and been reading reviews along with the results. I haven’t seen not 1 person say they hair hasn’t grown. I been trying to grow my hair as long as I can get it in other words down my back. I’ve ordered the rice water shampoo, leave in conditioner and the 10 in 1 oil I’m do excited 😁 literally can’t wait to start my journey. I’ll keep you all updated.


This product definitely gives results, it’s been a while since I’ve ordered. Time to stock up again. Thanks for natural hair tips


I have been in the getting back my curls process for a few months already and none of the products I’ve used made my hair look good, but I thought it was part of the process as I had processed hair. I bought your products to help my hair grow faster, but to my surprise I have been letting the conditioner as a leave in and I am in love with my hair and how soft and healthy it feels and looks. I am in love with your products!!!!

Virginia Santana

I brought the hair oil 10in 1 big bottle because nothing else was working and I figured another product couldn’t hurt I haven’t had a ponytail in over a year. The 1st 2 weeks I didn’t see nothing. Then out the blue I notice it was getting thicker but no length. When I finished the bottle I comb my hair because it looked short to me and I couldn’t believe I had a ponytail. I quickly got online and ordered 2 more bottles I can’t wait to continue my journey thank you. P.s. can I get some more coupons that 50% off definitely helped this round lol


I have been using your hair growth oil, and other products for over 4 months and I definitely can see a big change for the better in my hair. I am convinced. Keep doing what you doing. And great price for your products, you are not trying to rob your coustomers, you are helping them. May God continue to bless you as you bless others. 💯

Patsy Whiting

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