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After chemo

After chemotherapy for 6 months I was slick bald , this is really helping with new growth and follicle activation ! This is only 3 weeks use

My 1yr Miracle Journey!

I was in a motorcycle accident and I fractured my skull and got staples and glue. This miracle oil grew my around my wound giving it length and thickness! I'm a customer for life. I highly recommend. Great Customer Service, Amazing Product, Super low price!Accident in March 5, 2020, growth in June 2020, in the shower March 7,2021!!!

3 months of growth 😁

I used this growth oil since the beginning of November and have seen PHENOMENAL results🥰

7 month update

I’ve been using this oil for 7 months 🥰

Pictures say a 1000 words

Time lapse of 1 month of growth. Each photo is a week in advance.

Results speak for themselves

I started using your product 7/13/20 this was what my hair looked like after 4 weeks of using it 3-4 times a week with a MOUND of stress. I have used a little over half of the bottle and plan on purchasing another bottle🙌🙌🙌

This really grew my edges back

Before using this NOTHING really worked for me.

Please consider giving this oil a chance

To be blunt ive tried so many things. Even steroid injections. I can’t really type up a lengthy review with good English but let me tell you. If you struggle with bald spots like me and your reading this im telling you...give this a try. I don’t think you’ll regret it

This works.

Buy it!

This stuff really works! My daughter’s hair at one point would not grow. I started using this and started getting it braided and now she has absolutely no bald areas. The braids alone were not growing her hair like this!

Fast Results

This oil is a God send..and most importantly it works and my hair is growing strong and thick... I now use the 10 in 1 oil in my daughter's hair and i see the difference... We both suffer from alopecia...but since. I started to use this oil we have not had a problem with that at all...please keep your price affordable.. Cause i will be. Customer for life....get ready to place my next order soon..

Thank you so much

I used inconsistently for 6 months and still saw this much growth. Just look at my previously bald edges😁

Wanted to Share my Progress

Hi there, I wanted to share my progress with you, and I also shared your product with my Facebook friends, and majority of the commenters ordered theirs! I ordered two bottles at first, and the progress so far is with only half a bottle! I have scarring alopecia, so the fact that my hair is growing at all is unbelievable. My dermatologist said it would NEVER grow back! I will message you with more progress in the future! Keep up the great work, oh and I ordered two more bottles

(10 in 1) Hair Growth Oil
Benita Jemison & Renita Jemison
We love this hair oil!

We, ( twin sisters) started using this hair oil at the beginning of our loc journey. The photo in the black reflects the length of our hair when we first started using the hair oil on October 31, 2020 and the photo in the pink and white was taken on December 12, 2020 which reflects the growth and thickness of our hair. We love this hair oil and will continue to order and use it!

Worth every penny

Results speak for themselves

Back again

My family said my previous pictures didn't do here it is!
Sept. 5th vs Oct. 29th. Results-driven excitement! 🥰

Fast Results

From June 19th to August 30th!

(10 in 1) Hair Growth Oil
Charlotte Dempster
This stuff is the TRUTH!!!!

My hair was getting thinner by the day; I was shedding about a baseball size clumps of hair every time I showered. I started developing a bald spot on my hair line near my right temple, and my scalp was clearly visible when I put my hair in a ponytail. One month of daily use and my hair has almost stopped shedding altogether! My scalp is no longer visible and my bald spot is nearly gone! I just bought another two bottles after doing a big chop on my hair so I can get some length back! It’s magic in a bottle and the price is just icing on the cake. SEE PICS BELOW* (Pics are of the right side of my head in both shots; they look mirrored due to one of them being taken in Snapchat)*

It’s growing!!!

I must confess that I have not used the 10 in 1 oil daily (as recommended) over the past month BUT my thinning bald spot has HAIR GROWTH!!! I love this product & will start using it daily for faster results!

Recovering from seborrheic dermatitis

Recovering from seborrheic dermatitis


It’s only been a month since I’ve had this oil and my has grown about 2 inches!! I kid you not. I couldn’t believe it.

So I decided to start using this on my eyebrows because I’ve always had sparse brows and did many different techniques but never seen growth. Guys, I just started doing this for no longer than two weeks, been a bit inconsistent at times and I’M ALREADY SEEING A DIFFERENCE!! It’s insane I want to cry honestly. I’m so happy I finally found a legit product with REAL & FAST Results!!!

Life Saver

Hi just wanted to let you know that your product helped my mom with her alopecia. Early last year I noticed she had a patch of hair missing and over the weeks it got worse and lost more in other spots. She never had this and not sure if it was due to stress, but she went to the doctor and they prescribed her medicine before doing the scalp injections. We came across your page and took a chance literally all her hair grew back. Idk how this stuff worked so good but I just want to thank you because she has her confidence back. I will try to get some pics for you as I took some when this all started happening

It works

My bald spot is getting darker. I had to take a before and after pic to confirm it. No hair has grown in this areas for over 20 years and in 2 weeks I can see growth. I’m sold!

It Grew Back

I want to say thank you. As you can see by the photos, In about four weeks, my bald spots are about gone. Some said it was stress. Others said it was a sequelae of COVID. All I know is the product worked!!
My hair is naturally fine so, I have to be careful with oil. A little of this goes a long way for me. I ordered my second bottle and my girlfriend has ordered her bottle after seeing my results.

If you're reading this....consider buying!

Growing about an inch to and inch and a half a MONTH!


Omg I’ve been using it for over 2 months now and my hair grew 3 inches as well has gotten so thick & NO SHEDDING ! I highly recommend ❤️