⭐JUMBO⭐ 10 in 1 Hair Growth Oil (8 Oz.)(4X the Size!)

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Best on the market!

It seems hard to believe that such a great product exists. I started my locs later than I wanted because I was scared of going through the “ugly stage” of growing my hair into locs but with this hair oil I breezed right through that stage. Now I can say with the help from 10 in 1 my hair is fuller and thicker and LONGER than I would have ever imagined in a very short amount of time. I love this stuff and have recommended it to everyone that will listen.

Rita Baafi

From April to May, about 5 weeks!! My daughter’s edges are growing back! Thank you

Maaaaaaaan… 15/5 stars!!!!

I’ve gone through chemo twice and my second time growing out this stubborn area just decided no. Just no. When I say I’ve tried everything I’ve tried EVERYTHING. JBCO, hair vitamins, every damn oil out there, scalp treatment. Nothing. Not a single follicle. Shiny bald and annoying. Saw this and was like mmmm okay it’s 10$ what the heck I’ll go for it…this is 3 weeks. And not even every day use. I kid you not. THERES HAIR! Even in the largest spot! I’m sold sold sold. Thank you thank you for such an amazing product! Please never discontinue!!!

Jennifer W.

This hair growth oil is amazing!! My hair was short due to using the wrong products, but since using this hair growth oil, I’ve noticed more strength and more curls in my hair pattern!!! I love this hair oil!!!

I love this oil so so much

I'm in love with this oil i really wish the keep on making it the same way with same ingredients because my hair is growing so freaking much that I can't help it but to enjoy every moment of it 🥰🥰 my braids is not even a month old 🙏

Nicci Morris
Loc game strong and LONG!!!

My hair is interlocked. This hair growth oil has my hair growing so fast that I now have to retwist my locs every 2 weeks. When I say retwist, I mean like 3-4 rotations per Loc. IN ONLY TWO WEEKS!!!! 😮‍💨 Before using this oil, I could go 5-6 weeks before it would be long enough to need this many rotations. Thank you for creating such a great product. Loving my long locs!

Mrs Iesha Ramsay

I love it

Chanitra Hill

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I don’t think I’ll ever run out. After purchasing my first bottle, I ended up purchasing 2 of everything. I mix mine 1/2 Growth oil and I add a bit of Castro oil. (Pure and Jamaican But not a lot cause it’s thick) but mostly almond oil. I got braids just to really test out the oil. I have long hair to begin with. Either way, I don’t see myself stopping…this oil has more oil’s than when I would make combinations myself. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ pictures are all of me.

Love this oil!!

My hair grows decently on its own. Recently I stopped using a flat iron because it started to cinge my grey hair. I’m only doing roller sets right now do I wanted some extra length. I haven’t even been using the oil like it says too and I’m very happy with the results!!

Tiffany Peat
The Absolute Truth!

This is the most effective hair oil I have ever used in my entire life and I don't make that statement lightly. I shaved my head in December 2020 and not only did my hair grow back quickly, I've also experienced less shedding and breakage. I'm so amazed and grateful that they now sell this in a larger bottle. This will be my 7th purchase. These people are about to be friggin billionaires lol